RedBrick Collage

10 years of the DCU Networking Society (1995 - 2005)

Subject: Idea: collage
Followup-To: redbrick.suggestions
Date: Mon, 19 Jul 2004 14:00:16 +0000 (UTC)
Reply-To: kpodesta at redbrick dot dcu dot ie

We could get a group together to collect a load of old events tickets,
photos etc., and make a relatively big "Redbrick collage" for the
10 year anniversary. It could be framed (glass front) and hung in the
Redbrick server room - or better yet, somewhere in DCU (perhaps in Hub).

"10 years of the DCU Networking Society (1995-2005)".


Send any old crap you have to kpodesta at redbrick dot dcu dot ie (digital or physical stuff).


Singer's stuff
Handbook, 1999-2000, care of P
Celery's Photo Gallery, 1998-1999
Magluby's ENTS posters, 2001-2002
RedBrick timeline
RedBrick events page (posters/photos)
RedBrick Encyclopedia (if it comes back online)

Further 10-year Anniversary suggestions:

(posted on redbrick.suggestions by singer) This might be slightly related - how about we (yes, *we*! All of us!) write some content to be given out in printed format at the 10 year event? A rough table of contents might look like: Redbrick's 10th birthday * The role of a networking society in DCU * The evolution of Redbrick servers and services * The history of Redbrick events * Stories of how Redbrick changed lives * Injokes and other random nonsense Again, this would involve coordination and pestering for the goal of achieving some written content. The venue itself should also be looked at pretty soon - The Helix, Guinness Storehouse, Vicar St...?